2018 United Way Day of Service
in partnership with WVSOM 
Saturday, July 28
8am - Noon

Project Site Application

Please complete by Monday, July 2

Questions? Contact United Way Director Erin Hurst:
Phone: 304-647-3783   


PART I - Site Information

Site Supervisor Contact Information

PART II - Project Information

Provide a description of your project.
Provide address and detailed directions to your project site from WVSOM.
How many volunteers are needed to complete this project? Day of Service is from 8am - Noon
List specific skills, if any, that volunteers need for this project.
Is this project contingent on weather? If so, is there a back-up project that can be completed?
List recommendations for volunteers (i.e. work gloves, wear paint clothes, specific footwear, eye protection, etc.)


• Provide project site details to United Way director • If possible, be present at WVSOM the morning of Day of Service (9am) prior to volunteers going off to site locations • Provide necessary equipment, supplies, and tools to volunteers on the Day of Service (i.e. paint and paint brushes, tools, etc.) • Oversee and supervise volunteers at the site location on the Day of Service • Provide feedback to the United Way director