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Application Process

United Way of the Greenbrier Valley is committed to investing in local programs, producing measurable results.

A United Way Funded Partner Agency must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, must provide services in Greenbrier, Monroe, and/or Pocahontas County, and must apply for funding through the Community Investment Process by completing the funding application.



Funding Process Timeline

  • Application opens: Monday, February 1, 2021


  • Due to Covid-19, there will be no in-person agency interviews. The Allocation Committee will meet Tuesday, March 23; Wednesday, March 24; Thursday, March 25 to review applications and will reach out to applicants if there are any questions. The United Way Board of  Directors meets April 6th to approve allocations from the 2020 campaign. Award emails will be sent to applicants mid-April.

  •  Distribution of allocations: ​If your organization is awarded a grant in the amount of $5000 or less, the full award amount will be paid in April 2021. If your organization is awarded a grant greater than $5000, you will receive two payments, one in April 2021 and the second in October/November 2021


Application Reminders

  • Requests for funding must fall into one or more of United Way of Greenbrier Valley’s focus areas:  Health, Financial Stability, Education and/or Basic Needs. The application should present a project/program/service that addresses at least one focus area and presents measurable goals.

  • If you are a returining applicant, please rememember your year-end report must be completed before the Allocations Committee will consider your new application request.

  • NEW: All applicants will be asked to upload a copy of your IRS 501(c)3 Letter of Determination and your most recent 990 (990, 990-N, or 990-EZ).

  • If you are unsure about a question/section, hover your cursor over the response area to view additional instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does United Way NOT fund? 

United Way does not allocate funds for an organization's personnel, utilities, rent/mortgage, construction or building projects. Organizations that are not considered eligible: cultural institutions, churches, museums, animal welfare agencies, environmental organizations, political organizations and governmental entities. Additionally, a program must be functional for two years showing proven measurable outcomes to be considered for United Way funding. 


Should I still apply if we have not been previously funded or currently funded by United Way?

YES! We encourage all to apply so long as the project/program/service aligns with United Way's mission. However, submitting an application does not guarantee funding. 


How does organizational size affect the ability to compete?

It doesn’t. Organizational size is not a factor in evaluating applicants. Funding decisions are based on alignment with United Way's priorities and the applicant’s ability to demonstrate tangible, measurable results.


Who reviews the final grant applications?

The application process is overseen by United Way's Allocations Committee comprised of thoroughly vetted, diverse, highly-engaged donors and board members. Throughout the rigorous review process, Allocations Committee members utilize an assessment tool to rate applications based on quality, alignment with United Way’s funding priorities, and ability to demonstrate measurable results in their respective area of focus.  


What are United Way’s investment priorities?
Health, Financial Stability, Education and/or Basic Needs. The application should present a project/program/service that addresses at least one focus area and presents measurable goals.


Wait! Before you apply:

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Application Submission

The deadline for submission is Friday, March 5, 2021. There will be no exceptions or extensions to this deadline, regardless of issues that might occur during the week or day(s) before February 5th, so please plan ahead to have everything ready to submit early. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Your current partnership status does not guarantee funding for this grant cycle.


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